South Mitten Litters

*We reserve right to hold 1-2 breeder spots for our litters

 *Please be aware a planned pairing's timing is flexible based on Mother Nature


*We reserve the right to change out a planned pairing's stud at any time due to a variety of reasons.  

Please see below for current and upcoming litters!  

                Current & Upcoming Litters 


Birth: Dec. 29th
Going Home: February 24th and 25th
Size: mini/small mediums expected between 18-26 pounds
Colors:  various shades of  apricot and red, with white markings. Expecting parents are snuggly, funny, clever and loyal and will have varying degrees of soft, wavy  fleece coats. 

litter currently reserved *we will reach out to our waitlist with any openings








































**We will announce upcoming 2022 litters sometime after the new year. We are waiting for some heat cycles to determine who will be bred in spring and mid-late summer

Rosie had 5 female, 4 male puppies. 

Some past puppies
*these puppies not available