Upcoming Litters

*We reserve right to hold 1-2 breeder spots for our litters

Mocha & Sam

South Mitten 


photo courtesy of Monarch Labradoodles

Jubilee Mocha & Shelby Ave. Sam

Born: June 22, 2020

Going Home: mid-end of August 2020

Size: Miniature (18-25 expected pounds full grown)

Coats: Wavy fleece

See Puppies HERE!

*This litter is reserved *taking applications for back-up list only

Leena  & Red

photo courtesy of Jubilee Labradoodles

South Mitten 


Jubilee Leena & High Country Red

Born:  June 21, 2020

Going Home: mid-end of August 2020 

Size:  Mediums (25-34 expected pounds full grown)

Coats: Wavy fleece and curly fleece

See Puppies HERE! 


*This litter is reserved   *taking applications for back-up list only 


Fall/Winter 2020 & 2021 plans


Quinny/TBD and/or Tova /TBD 

Expected Breeding: between Oct/Nov 2020

Expected Birth: between Dec./Jan. 

Expected Going Home Dates: between Feb/March 2021

Mini litter- Mocha/TBD

*We will do one medium litter and one mini litter to be bred late fall, born early 2021, and go-home around March 2021 per best guess by Mother Nature

Some past puppies

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