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Meet our favorite man!


Meet our exceptional boys! These handsome boys are part of our program and are not for sale!

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High Time Golden Boy Tucker "Fosse"

Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle

Grading: Certified A5
ALCA #pending


Sire: Dewitt Valley Vincenzo

Dam: High Time Vinton Valley Rousey

ALCA pedigree

PRA/Prcd-Clear, DM Clear, EIC Clear, vWD Clear, IC clear 
OFA Hips: pending

Elbows: pending 
OFA Eyes: Clear/Normal L & R
Color: Apricot (BBee)

Coat:  Soft, Wavy Fleece
Size:   Medium expected to be 18″ and 32 lbs

Fosse is named after one of his guardian mama's favorite choreographers Bob Fosse, which is fitting because he spends most of his evenings with a watchful eye on the dancers at the dance studio his guardian mom owns. He is a favorite of all the dancers and has a friendly tail wag greeting for all. He is friendly, so incredibly soft, irresistible and confident, the perfect combination for being the studio mascot! He loves hiking, long walks (especially when there is water to jump in) and being his mom's spoiled boy! He is so well-mannered and an absolute joy to have around. Everyone melts when they see this boy and we can't wait for this teddy bear's contributions to our program in the near future!


Spring Creek's Flashy Irish Jig "Flynn"

Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle

Grading: A3
ALCA- #pending


Sire: Ashford Manor Playin' For Keeps 

Dam: Cream Puff Corazon de Fuego

ALCA pedigree

PRA/Prcd-Clear, DM Clear, EIC (pending), vWD Clear, IC clear 

OFA Hips- pending 

Elbows- pending 

OFA Eyes: pending


Color: Red (Bbee, or BBee pending)
Coat:  Straight Fleece
Size:   Mini expected to be 20-25 pounds

This little fellow is a heartbreaker. We've been waiting a long time to get this perfect red boy with the white markings and we are in love! This sweet and spunky boy loves playing with his South Mitten "brother from another mother" at his guardian's home! He loves to play and can be found curling up in his human dad's lap or vying for toys around the house. We can not wait to add this gorgeous hopeful to our program. 

Meet our favorite man!


Cuzco is our baby! He is not part of our breeding program, but deserves to be on "Our Dogs" page more than anyone! He is our resident puppy trainer, ball chaser, and boss of the household. He is great at putting the other dogs/puppies in their place with his gentle ways, and is instantly everyone's best friend. He can be seen just about anywhere his human "dad" is, and is the one that got us started on our journey which we are forever grateful for. This boy has all of us wrapped around his "paw."

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