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Our Pride and Joy

Meet our exceptional lovely ladies!

Mocha close up.jpg

Meet our favorite man!


Meet our exceptional boys! These handsome boys are part of our program and are not for sale!

fosse and flowers.jpg


​High Time Golden Boy "Fosse"

ALCA : 307-10272019-001-D

WALA: 00023199

Fosse is named after one of his guardian mama's favorite choreographers Bob Fosse, which is fitting because he spends most of his evenings with a watchful eye on the dancers at the dance studio his guardian mom owns. He is a favorite of all the dancers and has a friendly tail wag greeting for all. He is friendly, so incredibly soft, irresistible and confident, the perfect combination for being the studio mascot! He loves hiking, long walks (especially when there is water to jump in) and being his mom's spoiled boy! He is so well-mannered and an absolute joy to have around. Everyone melts when they see this boy and he's produced some of the sweetest puppies around!



Spring Creek Flashy Irish Jig "Flynn"


This little fellow is a heartbreaker. W waited a long time to get this perfect red boy with the white markings and we are in love!  He is extremely laid back and loves to be touching his humans and fur brother at all times. He loves to play and can be found curling up in his human dad's lap or vying for toys around the house. He has the silkiest and softest fur and is such a joy!

ollie deck.jpg


Royal Bag of Tricks "Ollie"


What a sweet and goofy guy! He loves walks, toys, playing in the snow and just LOVES watching TV! Ollie LOVES to snuggle and lives to love on his humans and touch them at all times. His puppies have his outgoing personality and are joys. He is such a fabulous and extremely outgoing little guy and has already made some fabulous contributions to our South Mitten Program!

winston close inside.jpg


Labradoodle Dreams For the Win "Winston"


We are thrilled to have added this tall, dark, phantom Casanova to our program! Such a fabulous, stocky and confident guy who is smart and friendly as can be! He loves car rides and gets to take turns going to work with his guardian mom and dad.  He loves attention, people and other dogs and is curious and adventurous. 



Wagging Tail Around the Bend "Archie"

Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle


Archie is the sweetest. He loves playing with other dogs, his toys and is so gentle and SWEET!  He even gets to go to work with his guardian mom some days, and is always a hit at the office!

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