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             Guardian Program


Are you interested in being a guardian home for a puppy in our breeding program? We  believe all our dogs should be cherished family members. In order to ensure all of our dogs have the best, and most pampered life possible, we have a small guardian home program with a few carefully selected, loving homes that meet our criteria. This is a fantastic way to get a top pick-of-the-litter Australian Labradoodle without paying full price!

What is a Guardian Home?

Our guardian home program is a mutually beneficial program allowing us to retain breeding rights, while you get a top-notch family pet that eventually becomes 100% yours!

Our program offers responsible and fabulous families who live in the southern Michigan/northern Ohio area the opportunity to take home an intact puppy that we select from one of our litters. This puppy lives with you as part of your family, and receives socialization, training, love and care. When it is old enough, it will be fully tested to see if he/she qualifies as part of our breeding program for a select number of litters (usually about 4 litters during the career for females). This requires that it spends some time with us at our home during the breeding process, and then again 1 week prior to whelping, and the 6-7 weeks following. This is a great time to plan a vacation while the dog stays here with us! You may of course have arranged visits during your female's stay during the weaning process. 

For males in our guardian program, the visits with us are only a few days here and there, but for a longer span of time (generally about 5 years of age). 

We will provide a monetary "thank you" gift with each successful litter of at least 2 live births to our female guardian families ). We also pay all breeding-related expenses, while you pay all routine care expenses just as you would your own dog. Once the dog has completed its time as part of our breeding program, we will pay to spay/neuter the dog. We sign full ownership over to you, and the dog will be yours forever.  

Before entering a guardian program arrangement, we sign a contract with you outlining all of the details and timelines, so everyone knows what to expect. 

Does my family qualify?

How to qualify as a Guardian Home:

It's important to us that our guardian program families understand the responsibility of raising a top-notch future breeding dog, and that they are happy to communicate regularly with us, send us updated photos here and there, and work well together. Our guardian families are chosen with great care and attention. In order to ensure the safety and health of the guardian home dog, there are certain requirements to qualify for our Guardian Home Program. We ask that in order to qualify, all of our guardian homes:

  • Own your home within about an hour from us in Tecumseh, MI (up to an hour and a half determined on a case-by-case basis.)

  • Have a fully fenced yard (physical fence that would keep out unwanted visitors!)

  • Ensure that your puppy is well socialized and gets plenty of exercise and LOVE

  • Provide all routine veterinary care, and any vet care when needed (we take care of all breeding related expenses and testing)

  • Have no intact males in the home 

  • Supply a high-quality diet approved by us 

  • Supply monthly flea/tick and heart worm preventative

  • Provide training for the dog either through classes or a strong commitment to training at home

  • Can agree to love and spoil the dog with all your heart

  • Keep your dog nicely groomed either professionally or on your own.

  • Are willing to bring the dog to us for occasional visits so she remains comfortable with us and our home

PLEASE NOTE: If you have inquired about our Guardian Home Program and have not yet taken the time to submit an application, we are more than happy to respond to your inquiry once we have received your application provided that you meet the criteria to become a guardian family for one of our precious dogs.

Unfortunately we are not flexible with the criteria required to become a guardian family. In an effort to allow us to focus the majority of our time on our puppies, we ask that you please refrain from inquiring if your family does not meet the full requirements to participate in the Guardian Program.

Thank You for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!

If you fit the above criteria and are interested in talking more about being a Guardian Home for one of our upcoming puppies or dogs, please fill out and submit the application below!



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Guardian Program

A mutually beneficial program

Our program offers the opportunity to

co-own a dog while we retain breeding rights before eventually transferring all ownership to you, the forever family!