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Purchasing  Process

We take our job seriously preparing your new family member to come home! We are proud of the work we do raising your puppy in a happy, stimulating environment right inside our home. Here are the first steps to bring home a South Mitten Australian Labradoodle puppy into your family! 

Please visit our Current and Upcoming Litters page to see what pairings are currently open, and review the size and possible colors that may arrive. 
Adoption Process

Step 1

Submit an Application

The first step is to fill out a Puppy Application Form if applications are open.

Application forms are opened several times throughout the year, roughly in winter,  summer, and fall. We work from our reservation waitlist so puppies go home about 4-6 months after your application is submitted. We sometimes have an opening sooner for those on our reservation list if someone moves ahead to another litter, or we release a spot we were holding. 


Step 2 

Reservation Fee

After you have completed our Application form, and we have openings for our reservation list, we will email within a day or two. If approved, you will be emailed a link to your invoice to pay a $500.00 non-refundable reservation fee with instructions. 

Your deposit/reservation fee may be transferred to another litter if there are not enough puppies born in your specified litter. You may also transfer to a later litter should you need to move to another litter at any time.

**You are now officially on our reservation list at this time. 


Step 3

Selecting a Litter

You may specify a litter when reserving a spot, or once a litter has been bred. You may join our "Master Reservation List" or claim a spot in a pending litter when you place your reservation fee. 


Step 4 

Your Puppy is Born

The excitement begins! An announcement will be sent out to the families on the litter list when the litter is born! Within a week of the litter birth, the second payment (birth installment) of $1,000 is due. You will get a link to pay via email.

We will also provide all the litter's important dates within the first week with your first update! This includes the family visit date, puppy match day, and the big day your puppy can be picked up! You will receive weekly updates, photos/video each week leading up to the big go-home day!

chocolate boy in hand.JPG

Step 5 

Final payment and puppy matching!

It's getting close! Around 6 weeks old, a visitation date will occur for all those who can make it (always a Saturday or Sunday) . Then puppy selection forms go out, and your final payment is due. We work with each family considering top choices and preferences as well as suitability and temperament to make puppy matches! Breeder reserves the right to first/second pick of litter for potential future breeders. If more than one family would be a good fit for the same desired puppy , then we would use the deposit order to further narrow the choice: First deposit=first pick, 6th deposit=6th pick, etc.


At the end of the week after temperament testing and our final vet visit, you will find out what puppy will join your family! 

Step 6 

Going Home!

The most exciting day has arrived! Right around 8 weeks of age, we will have a specified litter "go-home day!" If your puppy is flying home, we will talk to arrange flight details, and whether your puppy will be picked up by you or delivered by a trusted flight nanny to fly with in-cabin. 


Pricing & Policies

Our dogs are top notch! Many years of development for consistency, health, and superior lines have been invested to be sure your are getting an amazing Australian Labradoodle. 

The total purchase price of $3,200 for your South Mitten puppy includes:

  • A Mulitgeneration Australian Labradoodle – a South Mitten Puppy! This is what everyone is seeking when they are looking for a Labradoodle!! All our breeding stock has been health-tested to the strict standards of the ALCA and WALA. Our puppies and dogs have received so much pampering and attention and are truly the best both inside and out!
  • Veterinary health check
  • First Vaccinations, Deworming and Health Record all up to date
  • Microchips
  • Two-Year Health Guarantee 
  • 30-day Trial of Trupanion (you must activate this yourself within 24 hours of puppy in new home) to get you started.
  • Early Socialization, Early Neurological Stimulation as     (U.S. Military in their canine program developed a method that still serves as a guide to what works.  Based on years of research, the military learned that early neurological stimulation exercises could have important and lasting effects. These studies confirmed that there are specific time periods early in life when neurological stimulation has optimum results. This program was also concerned with early neurological stimulation in order to give the dog a superior advantage). We utilize this as part of the Puppy Culture training.
  • A Puppy that has been started with every possible advantage even before birth, and continuing training/socialization with puppy curriculum and exposure within days of birth.  
  • Sensitivity Training, Crate Trained, Early Potty and manners Training for your  Puppy – YES! They will have started their training go outside, sit for attention, recall and sleep in their special crate!
  • Sample of High Quality Food that your puppy is Accustomed to for Optimal Health (We feed Life's Abundance)
  • Registration/Pedigree (sent once proof of spay/neuter completed)
  • Spay/Neuter Contract 
  • Snuggle Blankie with litter scent slept on here at South Mitten Labradoodles
  • A special stuffed toy
  • Adorable boutique collar and leash 
  • Other fun doggy goodies
  • Our Lifetime Support
  • A Lifetime of the truest Love!      

All our dogs come from the original Rutland Manor/Teagan Park lines, are authentic and certified with Australian Labradoodle Club of America. These certifications which enforce proper and rigourous health testing, and certified breeding stock help ensure that your South Mitten Australian Labradoodle puppy is the real deal. Your South Mitten Puppy will have been through Early Neurological Stimulation training as part of our Puppy Culture™ training, started his basic commands with positive rewards/clicker training,  and gotten a great start on potty and crate training. We are dedicated to giving your new puppy every advantage possible to be the best of the best!

Puppy Curriculum Program: Exceptional breeding stock is a start, but there is so much more to an exceptional puppy. We are pleased to utilize parts of  Puppy Culture™ Program, a carefully planned exposure and curriculum program, and exposure to give your puppy an optimal start in life!  It has been shown that puppies raised utilizing Early Neurological Stimulation as in the Puppy Culture™  program have been proven to have greater resistance to both stress and disease, have stronger heart rates and stronger heart beats along with a stronger adrenal system. Scientific Studies have shown that  animals who are raised in a stimulus rich environment (such as the one we provide), with lots of toys, age-appropriate exercise, and researched-based challenges, have larger brains, with more neuro-connections than animals raised in a stimulus poor environment have.  Furthermore the stimulation actually causes animals to grow up to 5% more brain (and within that 5% more brain, are anywhere from 25 - 200 neuro-connections!) Studies have shown that the area of the brain where these new brain cells form is actually the area related to learning, memory, and emotional response. This is consistent with the findings of scientists that animals raised in enriching environments demonstrate increased learning ability, with better retention, and appear more stable, less fearful and better able to cope with and recover from frightening or stressful situations.  This takes time, dedication and plenty of ongoing research on our part, but we firmly believe that by going above and beyond with each and every puppy, we have the power to shape our puppies' futures to their maximum potential and be a dog that everyone would want to own.

Out of Town?     No Problem . If you require shipping from Detroit Metro airport or Toledo Airport, we can send your baby in-cabin with an experienced puppy nanny. The average cost of sending your puppy with a puppy nanny in cabin is about $600-$800 plus $100 for our roundtrip delivery to the flight nanny at the airport. Another option is for you to meet us at Detroit Metro airport to take your puppy in-cabin with you. ($100 round trip fee for us to deliver your puppy to you at the airport). You will need to bring an airline approved soft-sided crate or puppy flight bag approved for in-cabin use per your airline of choice.

Additional Information


Health Guarantee: Please read our health guarantee.  There is a great deal of important information included in our health guarantee and we ask that all families read it over thoroughly before placing your reservation fee.  All of our breeding dogs are extensively health tested to the high standards of the labradoodle clubs and associations we belong to.


Guardian Program: If you live about an hour from South Mitten Labradoodles you may apply for our guardian program.  More info about our guardian program can be found on our South Mitten Australian Labradoodle Guardian Home Program page.


Please note that South Mitten  Labradoodles has the right to refund the reservation fee and deny placement if we feel any situation is not the best fit for the puppy.  South Mitten Labradoodles reserves the right to the first and second pick of litter for our breeding program.  Puppies are sold as pets only and leave on a strict spay/neuter contract.

Visitation Policy


We do have a special visitation date set aside for the families on each litter list if they are able to visit on their litter visitation date! We do not do general visitations. More on our policies can be found here!


Pricing and Information
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