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 • Email: • Located in Tecumseh, MI

*Our website is updated regularly. 

please find answers to some commonly asked question on our

Please read through the provided information and reach out with any additional questions!

If you are interested in applying for a puppy, please check below to see if 

our applications are currently open! 




  Thank you for your interest!

Most questions regarding availability, price, process can be found the 

quick links above. If interested, please take the time to read through those links as we update our 

pages regularly.

For all other questions that can't be answered with the 

above, please feel free to reach out below. 

Thanks! Message sent.

Puppy Application

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What are the steps to adopting our your new family member?

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Want to see what's available? Check out our puppies!

Guardian Program

hmmmm. A puppy at a fraction of the cost. A few carefully selected families will qualify

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