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Your first step after reading through our process, pricing and policies

is to apply for a puppy when applications are open! We choose to remain small enough to give

each litter of puppies are utmost attention, love and rich puppy curriculum

to bring your family the very best!

Apply Below to be considered!


Please read through:

 1. current and upcoming litters

2. process, pricing and policies

 3. Frequently Asked Questions section









We are also taking applications for our guardian program for when the opportunity arises. We may have an opportunity for one of our litters going home fall 2024, TBD


Applications will reopen
on August 9th


Click here to see available puppies!

Puppy Application

Interested? Fill this form out first!

Guardian Program

Carefully-selected Guardian homes could have a puppy at no purchase cost (with a deposit a fraction of the regular purchase price.)

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