*We will have one female puppy available going home at the end of February for a qualified guardian home! 
Apply for a guardian puppy here!



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upcoming litters for more pairings

Tova & Fosse Puppies

Born: January 4, 2021

Going Home: February  28th, 2021

5 females, 2 males

Availability : all reserved (we will contact our waitlist if a puppy becomes available) but we will be looking for a guardian home for one of these sweet puppies! 

"Pokemon" Litter

 3 Weeks Old 

1 Week Old 

Quinny & Fosse Puppies

Born: November 22, 2020

Going Home: January 17th, 2021

4 males, 3 females

Availability :in their new homes!

Quinny's Luck of the Irish Litter

7 .5 Weeks Old 

3 Weeks Old 

1 week old 

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