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Rosie's Past Puppies

Rosie has had 2 amazing litters of puppies! They have been some of the cutest and smart puppies who get rave reviews from their owners. They have been such such comical and cuddly puppies who are as sweet as can be. Rosie loves her toys and carrying them around the house and this trait has carried onto many of her puppies.  We are extra excited to see the added coloring possibility of chocolate and possible chocolate phantom (chocolate with the very unique tan points around muzzle, eyebrows and legs) with Winston. This litter should have something for everyone! Rosie is a parti (mostly white with spots) , but will not produce any parti's like herself with Winston. They will likely have various degrees of white markings, with some possible solid colorings. We look forward to seeing what their first litter together will comprise!

Michigan College Litter

Mother Nature Litter

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